Sunday, March 28, 2010

Olvera Street, Blessing of the Animals, Do Kittens Need Sunglasses?

Olvera Street in Los Angeles is pumpkin candy, huraches, fresh fruits drizzled with lime juice and maybe a splash of salt or chili powder, hand-made candles, handwork and just a good, good Old Town kind of place in a square that was all there was. Heaped with children and families, strolling in and out of tiny cubbies of shops, stacks of sombreros next to home made tacquito stands next to a good winery, Saturday April 3rd will mark the 80th anniversary of the Blessing of The Animals. Many kitties and doggies will be on parade with their proud families, some turtles and birds and I don't understand why anyone would bring their snakes or lizards. Bedazzling in wee sunglasses, little pink outfits, fresh flower necklaces, a rosary or two, the blessing should keep everyone happy. It's a happy day.

Mine have nothing to wear and rather like dozing through parades. Perhaps they can have a good group nap and I'll run over to take pictures and eat pumpkin candy. The kittens and their boon companions the doggies, Papa Bear and Cheese (she is on a diet, sigh ... she has lost her girlish figure.)


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