Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love John Galliano and You Should Too

John Galliano's fantasies are of lovely bohemian ladies in fey and delicate wisps of dresses at Christian Dior and brilliantly cut coats, tunics over leggings, perfect fitted riding jackets. The runway is his theater without a budget and the buyer's work in the showroom is another thing. Picking through rails and dragging heavy books with fabric swatches, blinking at prices and moments of sheer exhilaration. Paper will be left, the orders added and checked. Fashion editors and stylists will rush about, trying to have first pick and maybe the buyers are glaring a little as the editors reach for the same three dresses and two coats. It's all intensely urgent and beautiful, only here because John Galliano is that talented and Anna Wintour made sure his business continued. The shows, the press, the fantasy. One by one, delicately unpacked and hung carefully, steamed and brought to the floor of a shop. The business of fashion weighed against this breathtaking beauty. Swaggering thigh high stockings festooned with ribbons, leather tall boots, chiffon ruffles, embellished handknits, equestrian moments.

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