Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye, Mr. McQueen

The Alexander McQueen Fall 2010/11 runway show was not held this year. Sedately and sadly, unlike his extravagant fashion shows of past seasons, just sixteen pieces of Mr. McQueen's final collection were shown to editors and buyers in Paris last week. Only his fashion was extravagant and bold in the way of couture; the samples cut on mannequins by Mr. McQueen. It's hard to look at this picture taken of him striding out at the end of a show, smiling, healthy, alive and know that he was found alone in his London home, dead by his own hand and he was supposed to be alive, chatting it up back stage and having a great big fashion dinner to celebrate his talent. Goodbye, Mr. McQueen, I'm so sorry you couldn't stay here longer.


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