Saturday, March 27, 2010

China Fashion Week Fall 2010/11

China can do it very nicely. Homegrown, not derivative, and there's a spark of lux and street. Something like Paris '68 with Yves Saint Laurent sketching madly in doorways during student demonstrations that seemed more like a parade of fashion. That was Paris, which is not France. This is China which we do not understand in that same way. More centuries of forbidden delights and extravagant opulence, secret places and peasant hard lives. In the mix of now and culture and a disdain for that which is not Chinese, fashion speak - even in Red - can't be ignored. It's a country of dreams and millionaires that collect art and cars. Luxury goods have permeated, China now 27% of that rare world: hefty. It looks as though the government stance frowning on the world of designer goods will take some time to understand and this event should become populated with the rest of the world. The pictures tell the story that I cannot: the home page is in Chinese characters - beautiful, obscure and dense.


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