Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful Swoon from The Burning House, New Image Art Gallery

Marsea Goldberg might not be the new director of MOCA but her feelings and insights will have influenced Mr. Deitch. Her New Image Art Gallery on Santa Monica Boulevard is singularly the most important contemporary gallery in California, maybe the United States. The Burning House show including a commodious sharing of walls, ceilings, cubbies by Swoon, Faille and David Ellis, every inch artfilled and stopping you in your tracks. Ms. Goldberg curated the show a bit later in the Netherlands at Museum Hetdomein Sittard.

Swoon may be diminutive but her art movement hardly. Wheat pastes on walls in New York, speaking at the Museum of Modern Art, her art collective crashed the 2009 Venice Biennale, a crew of thirty; her work, like Banksy's is in Chiapas, the West Bank, galleries including the aforesaid Jeffrey Deitch's former and on the street.

Exquisite, life size and fragile, some can be caught behind glass and hung with love.

New Image Art Gallery links here.

Swoon interview link here.


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