Saturday, February 27, 2010

Random Thoughts, Banksy's Dove, Christopher Bailey's Fall '10 Burberry Fashion Show

Banksy's lovely dove is clad in (dove) grey Kevlar and his sweet heart is in someone's laser beam. Can't miss. Sometimes you can't find your own cute not-really-Kevlar thing, the something that is so comfortable or so edgy that you love every body and don't spend a New York minute on the glib one, memories neatly stuffed in a place you could forget.  You wake up and everything is all right, no clouds in your coffee, no jumping dust things that aren't cute enough to be bunnies, not even burnt toast. But then ... things happen. An email that picks at you and there is no reason. You know, the one from someone that likes poking at you, someone glib and maybe not even one ugly word is in the email. But the malice jumps out and you lean back, surprised again that letters on a screen can rearrange themselves into emotions and memories. I have one of those who speaks nicely to telemarketers but somehow few others. You're in, you're out. Oh there are moments of emotional protestations  that make you wish for a fork to stab the cliches and fortune cookie sayings that are like saccharine let out of those small pink packets, the kind that clever children can stack up intricately and delicately and then they scream even more delightedly when the thing topples. Mail that requires attention immediately, maybe yesterday. You've run out of eye drops without preservatives and you're allergic to the other kind. The dogs and the cats are hissing and playing or maybe those friendly swats and chases are not part of detente. Even your hair has gone limp not mussed. This happens when you're in the midst of post-break-up or even post-divorce. War of the Roses has printed The End and there's no particular reason for leftover fundamental misery but it still can bite, albeit limply.

And then you breathe through it and it's over. That simple ... and the sun is out, humming birds on the job, your favorite blogs neatly delivered to your inbox.,,, and Loved DisneyRollerGirl's post about Louis Vuitton launching Mon Monogram, a service for selected items where you can add monograms or stripes and totally edge up your LV's. Oh, a dash of Karl Lagerfeld's Guide To Life ( and then to news, those old push and pulls out of sight, out of mind. Someone you know is hinting that they know the true identify of Fake Karl and you wish for great detective skills. Curiosity and cats ...

And then all fresh and piling up blog posts about Christopher Bailey's Fall '10 Burberry collection. Well, it was a very, very good season for so many. But this collection, I think, took Burberry to top of the fashion milieu and made every single buyer and press and blogger take notes of what they need. Well, me too. Rose Marie Bravo, who brought matched Christopher and Burberry, is a bit of legend herself. Along with another American, Dawn Mello. She pulled Tom Ford in and placed him at the head of Gucci. Mr. Ford's first men's collection brought unadulterated sex and mean to the staid albeit fine house of Gucci - black velvet jeans and black silk shirts that were a touch of sleek, modern sexuality. And the video ...


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