Sunday, February 7, 2010

Julie Blackmun Home Hair Things

Longer hair is pretty and very fashion edgy. Except for Lady Gaga who can do more with her hair that I can including the amazing hair bow in her head using her own hair. She's simply amazing. But my own hair left on its own for months, a touch of home hair color that made me think of Jo, brave Jo, in Little Women cutting her own and carrying it off with a smile. My days of home color left tones on my hair seen more often in an oily puddle and always surprised me. There are times when you buy Ms. Blackmun's art (I did) and set off to fix your good-natured but wrong attempt - a touch of downright neglect not helped by any special things after the shower, including the vinegar rinse that ran into my eyes and that vague salad fragrance that lasted much longer than I'd imagined.

Brazilian hair fixes have been "the thing." Giselle's hair is gorgeous but it's not home grown; it's very good people spending time carefully doing this or that to it: I did say gorgeous. The famous Brazilian Something was made of formaldehyde, people had damaged lungs from it and couldn't wash their hair for days. If you could get through all that, it was lovely. Not something anyone with a drawer of inhalers would even think of. But. There is the Brazilian Blow Out, a relaxing conditioning glossing won't hurt any part of you thing. Something had just changed from easier days of straight hair and no fussing and so I did it. Two or three hours of someone touching your hair and I think I slept through the whole thing, somehow managing to wake up to have my hair washed after all the Brazilian conditioners had been ironed into my hair. The thing is ... it was wonderful, killed all the frizzies and and a little trim and ... there will be no more home coloring. I have the Julie Blackmun and I love it. Now I love my hair too.


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