Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chris Wilder Falls The Night: Something Beautiful

Flower from Mr. Wilder's  Falls The Night exhibition at Kim Light/Lightbox, 2009.  

Kim's gallery had the expected white walls and refined lighting in the generous front space. Lights were dimmed to theater dark in another room with Mr. Wilder's luscious flowers  hanging on three of the walls.  I can't remember how they were framed. Light fluttered in the air in front of each luminous flower, and it was enough. The background might have been black silk velvet, almost shimmering in contract to the almost moist flowers. I love flowers but this one is different- maybe it's the most beautiful flower in the world. Well, I think it could be. Something about the light playing with the translucence of the petals, those delicate shadows and the spill of pure white light in sudden places, and the stamens are greedily reaching for more light. Not quite overblown and maybe this is perfection. More about Mr. Wilder.


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