Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogging, Haute Couture and Christie's

There certainly is a lot of chatter about the Importance of Fashion Bloggers. Feathers are ruffled and some are grimacing at those pesky fashion journalists at magazines and newspapers.  My tweetdeck is crammed with social media awards and pronouncements about fashion and anyone wearing it, attending it or writing of it. Having a wee bit of trouble with the off-hand critiques on the Haute Couture and dying, absolutely dying with desire to have sat in those gilt chairs. Back of the room, not behind the lovely Tavi, would have been fine. She is every-girl in a fashion fantasy tale with a snappy mouth and an undying love of the inhabitants. Black rose petals on Rae Kawakubo's doorstep indeed. It did look a little risky for John Galliano to have had a little talk with her - the Stephen Jones (love everything he has ever done and everyone ever in any of his things) oversized bow was really large. 

Just a quiet moment with the kittens having a wee catnap and the dogs too. Thinking about the Sotheby's catalog next to me, South Kensington Fashion Through The Ages (December 2009) and Karl Lagerfeld's sketches of Anna Piaggi.  "A Full Length Mink Coat" from Christian Dior 1979 - patchworked with dyed mink and emblems of all the countries of the European Union, including the Eifel Tower, Big Ben, The Bridge of Sighs, a windmill ... an estimate of only 6,000.  A black lace Coco Chanel dress with "flying panel" from the early days (Gabrielle Chanel label, early and rare) for 2,300.

CBS is in talks with Anna Wintour.


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