Thursday, February 4, 2010

Beautiful Linens and The Market Closed Down 268 Points

The most beautiful huge (twenty-four inch squares) of dead stock white damask napkins - perfect condition - eighteen of them that are mine now. Too good to pass up, investment quality. I left the three esnipe bids for Italian white linen dripping in hand-done lace and won them all. A lot of napkins and time to gently cold-water wash. A meditation in ironing. So I thought anyway. Well, I have two baskets of freshly laundered oversized napkins and this is no longer a meditation. Not sure when I'll be done.

The market is down over 200 points as I try to day trade it and read various articles on Tavi the child blogger.

The day's low was under 10,000 which should make as many headlines as Tavi's latest appearance. Trading and fashion, hmmmm. Kind of like having the racks filled with fabulous designer clothes and it rains all day. 


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