Friday, January 15, 2010

That Banksy Is My Banksy

I bought that Banksy here in Los Angeles at the Barely Legal show.  Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt bought several, Dennis Hopper and Sharon Osbourne were buyers too.  There's always an elephant in the room in Hollywood and the one there was real, a painted elephant standing awkwardly in what could have been someone's living room. Lots of excitement and press; lines of people trailing through a double parking lot, into the street in a very industrial part of downtown Los Angeles.

I think it looks like me but so many people that have seen it think it looks like them. Strange.

My marriage had ended, we'd somehow sold the house just before houses stopped selling and split the money. Mine sat in a checking account at Washington Mutual while I tried to figure out how exactly to invest in the stock market. The tellers were very nice to me then.

I loved that Pauline Trigere had spent all of her money on a Picasso she couldn't live without just as she was starting her business.  So I bought the Banksy. It's mine.

And so I think this blog could be about fashion, art, life, men, money, love, gardens, beautiful things, grace notes, small memories and it will be a good place. This is sort of a mission statement and an invitation to my world.


  1. This is amazing MG ! I didnt know you owned a banksy. I would think it was you :) So did you make it into Enter through the gift shop ?

  2. I did not want to sell it ... but then I don't love this economy.

    Strange to have piles of money on walls. Art is essential until you need money.

  3. LOVE your Banksy Madeleine! So jealous. You have such an interesting life ... living vicariously thru you, girl. We have to meet up again on Abbott Kinney!


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