Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Most Beautiful Pink Bag Ever

Lanvin pink pom pom tote bag
Well, it is the most beautiful pink Lanvin tote in the world and the picture doesn't capture all of its happiness.

What to do about the most beautiful bag in the world and paying for it ... it becomes an existential issue and at 1435. a serious one.

The thing is it's lovely in every way and it would make me so so so happy. And if it were an easier price I'd have swooped in like a chocoholic spying a bittersweet artisan chocolate truffle.

Sometimes one has to admire a thing and imagine. But the idea of an indiscreet amount of flowers on a previously modest bag, well ... I have plastic boxes filled with silk flowers of varying quality and beauty. Some are worthy of a glue gun and a brown kraft paper wrapped present - voila, deep unapologetic excess and beauty. Some are fragile, fey, delicate ... immediately under a glass vase to simply admire.

The roads "ponded" this week in Southern California and maybe the hills will burst into happy wildflowers. I want this bag and will stare at the picture now and then and maybe listen to Francoise Hardy ... The Rose.


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