Sunday, January 17, 2010

Let There Be Fashion Shows

Several designers showed their men's collection online  this season. Streaming video and photographs tweeted and blogged from the shows. There's even Iphone designer fashion show applications. 

Lookbooks are scattered over the internet along with blogs from Vogue, Bazaar, W, In Style, WWD and the bunch of front row bloggers: do look at my list, they're wonderful and unique. It's all instant except that stores still have to wait a few months for deliveries.

Change is a good thing, as long as the zippers and hems are hand finished and fast fashion remains that. Fast is really good, too:  H&M and Target and Urban Outfitters nailed it. Retailers and designers are racing to get blogs and websites up, facebook and twitter too. Bloggers are getting book deals and merchandising deals. Actresses are heading up famous design houses and Britney's perfume might be elbowing into Guerlain territory.

Should winter clothes be delivered in August? I don't know. It probably makes sense to be able to shop for bathing suits and shorts in the spring and summer, not during little collections called "holiday" or "cruise." I don't love the idea of fine things acting like hot and fast groups made for Target and H&M. But then I was startled to see a Chloe dress with a Made In Romania label. Startled and sad. Once I fell in love with a Chloe cream chiffon dress with lace edges and tucks. It had short sleeves and I asked if it could possibly be made with long sleeves. I was told it wouldn't be a problem, that Chloe would send the fabric, the pattern, notes and all the other bits and pieces to a lady just outside of Paris in a taxi. She was the best one for that type of work.

I absolutely think it's wonderful that bloggers are at the shows and seated well. The fashion pack has to be there so of course it's taken for granted and the shows are SO long and they lack the joy/love/enthusiasm/emotion that the bloggers share with some of the ladies of fashion that push designers to success, find them backers and sponsor them for shows, patiently call good friends at certain stores, and some are known to just cry for the beauty of it all. There's another time to worry about currencies, deliveries, sell through, mark up and mark down: just for a short period of time, a designer who you know hasn't slept for a week sends the models down a catwalk and it's like the first time, the best time, this time. It's where you fall in love and sometimes sadly move on. It's fashion, it's New York, it's Paris - wherever it is.

There has to be fantasy and happiness about fashion. Let there be fashion shows. Let there be bloggers.


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