Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lena Erziak Oh Pretty Pretty

Something beautiful ... a theme. When I was little, my mother took me shopping for Easter. Black patent Mary Janes, white ankle socks with lace trim, pink or lavender dresses with great big Peter Pan collars (hmmm, a lot like a Marni jacket I have now) and silly hats that I simply don't remember. I hope they were simple straw things, maybe a boater, with a flower or plastic fruit for pure silliness. I remember staring in at amazement at a hat display at a store that doesn't exist now - fantastical arrangements of plastic fruit. When you're seven or so, you could be easily impressed.

Maybe if I said bags are the new lipstick it would make it easier. I love accessories and the great pieces that just are who you are, how did they know, aren't always available. I can't imagine buying a new purse because I "need" one. I'm wildly in love with the fuchsia satin Coach bag I found and this one is just the perfect color, the perfect length and it would make everything sort of Nijinsky or Nureyev - seriously rich hippie ... oh, it's not "IT" bag price range, so ... http://www.lenaerziak.com/


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