Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kittens & Really, Really Big Dogs & White Embroidered Bedding

The kittens, Killah and Hundred Dollah Billah, are six month old sisters. Pretty little things with Freddy-like claws who practice pouncing and other cute things on my white embroidered duvet. Now I have come to understand, never having had kittens before, that "they keep themselves clean, don't worry" is rather subjective. They do spend a lot of time grooming themselves and each other; that is when they're not performing in front of Papa Bear, my 112 pound Bernese Mountain Dog and his boon companion, Cheese Ball, a 65 pound English Bull Dog who has lost her girlish figure. She does not really have udders, of course ... but sometimes, from the rear; oh well. She's a sleepy girl and the kittens look of horror when they met the breathing monster kept on the other side of the door for the first few weeks ... Papa Bear has a good nature, just a luxurious lumbering lazy beast who can't help the size of his mouth: it's larger than the pair of kittens. They have accepted him and periodically toy with his tail, pawing it until he wakes up, surprised one more time.

They're indoor cats. The streets are dangerous with coyotes prowling at night along with skunks lurking under parked cars. Ir's an urban jungle and pretty little kittens do look like tasty little treats. The playing and pouncing and licking on my lovely white embroidered, lacy, deliciously soft and highly vulnerable bedding has left unknown rips. It's necessary in the middle (it is, isn't it?) of the recession to shop. Recession chic and darning, turning the old cuffs so to speak, can only last so long. Not quite expecting sticker shock and thinking that it would be good to have bedding tax credits ... embroidered, lacy, soft white cotton carries price tags (could you get away with one pillow, I mean of course not ... I have six) of nice vacations or even, aha, another Bernese Mountain Dog (just kidding, Papa Bear.)

I've googled and ebayed and amazoned and it is apparent that they have chosen to ignore good bedding. Oh there is a set of Gucci bedding on ebay but ... did Gucci ever make bedding and would you want it?

Rachel Ashbrook's groovy California girl, spendy but very, very, very fine, Shabby Chic bedding is too, too beautiful. The first two are hers and my first choice. The third is from Anthropologie, very pretty and far less money.


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