Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Succeed In Fashion: Part The Basics

"You ask me what you need to succeed in fashion. What I did.
There’s no order to it.
You must be able to live with little sleep and food.
You must buy good boots half a size too big and wear thick socks.
You must know how to move to the front of any throng without bumping into anyone.
You must be able to walk for miles in the rain on cobbled streets carrying as much as a good-sized donkey.
You must be rudely healthy.
You must be able to walk back stage after a simply awful fashion show and say, “You’ve done it again.”
You must be able to be noticed as you take your seat at the edge of the runway.
You must be willing to kiss your husband, your lover, your children goodbye for weeks.
You must know how to cry when necessary."


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