Friday, January 15, 2010

Eilis Boyle Makes Beautiful Clothes

Eilis Boyle has shown her collection in Paris for six seasons. And then back to Ireland where she makes classically beautiful clothes, refined but always touching edge or whimsy. She blogs as The Silent Story Teller, a kind of dreamy place where everything beautiful, fine or eccentric is looked at and remarked upon.

Colin McDowell said this about Eilis on his blog this week:

"Responding to my blog about fashion bloggers, SilentStoryteller brought up the problem of fashion writers - bloggers and journalists – not knowing enough about the skills of fashion to be able to assess what comes down the runway (read the blog and the comments here). The comment begs the question of how many fashion writers know anything at all about the technical side of the clothes they are paid to assess. I'll stake thirty years in the fashion business on the fact that virtually no fashion journalists could pass Eilis' test of telling the difference between a French seam and one that is overlocked (or even define either). Imagine a ballet critic not knowing the meaning or difference between a pas de deux and a pas de chat, or a cricket commentator not knowing his maiden over from his silly mid-on."

Azzedine Alaia, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier ... and Eilis. Something beyond just stylist, creative, designer and about craft as art.

We live near different oceans and can't sit down for tea. Eilis patiently answered tons of questions through emails and tweets. I'll post more about her soon.


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