Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bonzie Crotty's Tragically Romantic Layered Tulle Skirt and Flowers

Bonzie wrote those words ... the "tragically romantic layered tulle skirt." It looks like angels shredded it to see how beautiful it could become.  She makes these to order along with tight jackets, wristlets of lace and flowers, little tops. Dolce & Gabbana had a chiffon ravaged skirt, years ago, caught with flowers here and there. I did a window on an ancient dress makers form that made everything somehow soft and edgey and put a tight wood houndstooth vest on top along with ropes of pearls and piles of flowers strewn on the display floor. I love the soft colors Bonzie works with but this in black with a tight black cashmere cardigan, with a few of her flowers and black boots - another mood, another portrait. Or white for a wedding, barefoot on a beach, a satin bustier under a tight Edwardian jacket. Her website ... Bonzie Crotty


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