Sunday, January 24, 2010

Broken Elegance

Cathy Horyn crowds worlds and books of meaning in one hundred forty character tweets. To describe Thimister shows "quite clear in military shapes and broken elegance ... dresses like melted down family silver:" I'm savoring every word, shutting my eyes into another world. Contradictions, juxtapositions and fashion as a second rate art: craft. Thinking about how many, really how few, do craft not fast fashion. Remembering factory owners, nice men in suits shirts ties wingtips and black socks, crowding Azzedine Alaia while he cut, made a pattern, sewed a garment, all in a tiny Rue des Belle-Chasses apartment overfilled with buyers, press, a couple of dogs, Janice Dickenson draped in a black dress just like ... "melted down family silver."

How can a tweet, something light and ephemeral, convey so much emotion and memory.

Just words and tendrils of meaning ... stilettos, pencil skirts, schoolgirl skirts, pristine white blouses, chunky bracelets, lipstick red, frail dresses.

And Paris is all about the Haute Couture and maybe perfume just now.


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